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Airlines with the Best Legroom

by John Webber

If you are worried about international regular main cabin Economy Coach Class legroom – worry no more, for we have the scoop on the best airlines to book and fly on.

Price-conscious travelers with long legs should book their international flights on Qatar Airways. When customers decide to pay more for extra inches of legroom on long-haul flights, their dollar will go furthest on Qatar.

In Qatar Airway’s regular Economy Class, travelers get between 31 and 33 inches of legroom. In Qatar’s Premium Economy Class that number can go from the industry average of 38 inches to a legroom welcome 42 inches. And the airline does not charge an additional fee for customers who wish to select a seat with a bit more legroom (for example, an emergency exit row).  The cost per centimeter of legroom aboard Qatar comes out to about $8.44.

Runners-up in the international flights category for legroom value for money were Air India, Etihad Airways, Delta Airlines and Turkish Airlines.

However, travelers should bear in mind that the race for legroom value is one that constantly changes. Not only are many airlines cutting back on inches, many are starting to charge rock-bottom fares with additional charges for practically everything imaginable – from checked bags, advance seat assignments; including legroom.

Travelers conscious of how much space they need to stretch out their legs should check out the airline’s website before selecting a spot on the plane. Their service offers details on legroom, seat recline, proximity to bathrooms and any seat-back amenities.

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