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Managed Travel Services

We encounter many firms who mistakenly think that allowing travelers to book as they please on the Internet will result in lower travel expenses due to low transaction fees. Nothing could be further from the truth.


A managed travel program will yield substantial discounts and complementary upgrades and tickets based on your volume. The value of these and other cost-savings programs far outweigh the small difference in transaction fees. Savings from corporate airline programs alone can yield thousands of dollars in benefits each year.


With a managed business travel program:

Your travelers can make air, car and hotel reservations, all in a few minutes. No wasting precious time on the Internet checking multiple websites for the best deal. Your employees need to spend their time working on your core business activity, not trying to be their own agent.

Our business travel consultants will look at all options and get the best fares. Travel agencies are your only source of unbiased information. We work hard to get the best value for your business travel dollar.

What if your traveler’s plans change and they bought a nonrefundable ticket? Cirpac Travel can void the transaction during the week it was issued. You can’t do that if they bought the ticket from the airline or a travel website. We save some clients over $100,000 each year just by voiding tickets.

Unused tickets. We track your electronic tickets and will remind travelers to reuse them. Who will do this for you if your travelers are booking their own travel over various websites?

Travel Policy Compliance. Many experts believe that Frequent Flyer programs have driven the cost of corporate travel up as much as 20%. A managed business travel program ensures you’re buying the lowest fare in the market, not the one with the most traveler miles. Does your charge card report tell you if the lowest fare was purchased? Our business travel reports do.

Do your travelers know what category to book their flight in to get an upgrade? We do. Will they remember to call it in at exactly 72 hours or 24 hours? Our software does! Plus with our specially negotiated Agency Specific Benefits your travelers will enjoy complimentary upgrades on selected carriers when they need them the most, those long haul flights to Europe and Asia.

Use the buying power of our membership in three major travel consortia. Cirpac Travel is a member of three of the largest consortia in the industry, giving your travelers the lowest possible hotel rate. If they bought a bargain rate on the Internet and plans change, can they get a refund? With our program their credit card isn’t even charged until they check in.

24 Hour Emergency Helpline Service. We’re there when your traveler’s flight has been delayed or canceled. Don’t let them be caught in a strange place with no one to turn to!

Still sure you want your travelers to book online? Then consider Concur Travel®, which allows your travelers to book online, but the ticketing is done by us, your travel policy is enforced, and everything appears on your corporate travel reports.

Cirpac Travel serves over 150 clients including Fortune 500 corporations. We offer clients the lowest fares, every time. Our business travel consultants provide full support for all your travel needs and make life easier for your business travelers. To find out how managed travel could help your company call 800-669-6547 or click here to submit a quote request online.

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