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Amazing Business Class Amenities

by Lindsey Campbell / SLF

Choosing to fly Business or First Class is not always an option, and it certainly never was for me. In my mind those plush seats and three-course meals were for next-level travelers only. The ones who were either well off or geniuses with their point programs—something I could only hope to one day be.

As a twenty-something, there really hasn’t been much opportunity to enjoy the luxuries of first class travel. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve taken every chance I could to see the world, but I’ve had to find creative ways to fund my adventures. I have volunteered, traveled with family, tagged along on friend’s vacations – I even worked three jobs in college just to study abroad in England and Kenya. And, during all of these adventures, I most definitely flew economy coach class. I even learned how to survive the middle seat on an 18-hour flight to Africa.

Now, as a magazine editor – a position I am grateful to hold every single day – my love of travel has only increased as quickly as the items on my bucket list. So, when I recently got the chance to fly in business class with Iberia Airlines on a flight from New York City to Madrid, I could barely contain my excitement.

Here are a few things that came rushing to mind:

Whoa! Look at all that space.
When you first enter the Business Class cabin the first thing you notice is how roomy everything is, and you feel much more relaxed. When you get to your seatpod, you get excited again because you realize just how much space is actually yours.

I don’t have to put my carry on above me.
Yes, there’s a spot for it in the pod—easy access all flight long to anything I need.

And there’s a spot for my shoes!
There’s a nice compartment for shoes under the footrest. Yes, I have a foot rest. And, because in business class they give out socks in the amenity bag, lounging with shoes off is totally acceptable.

An Amenity kit?! What’s inside?
So. Much. Great. Stuff. This particular one had L’Occitane skincare, a toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, and hair accessories.

What?! The seats lie flat?
Yes, they also recline to an extremely comfortable what I’d like to call “movie-viewing” position. I also got a little pillow and blanket.

I can’t wait to sleep the whole way there!
It’s amazing how much better it feels when I haven’t slept for hours with my neck all crooked.

This is like my own little movie theater.
Each pod has it’s own, fairly large touchscreen television with tons of popular shows and new movies to choose from.

I can’t sleep… I have to watch a movie.
Remember when I said sleeping was important? I watched “Secret Life of Pets.”

There’s a menu for dinner?!
Yes, I got to choose what you want from a freshly-prepared spread of food with multiple courses.

Do I skip the dinner and just sleep?
Again, sleeping is important.

No, I need to eat this three-course meal on an airplane.
The meal was delicious and totally worth the one less hour of sleep.

Wine, champagne—that’s free?!
Yes. Cheers!

Ok, now I’ll sleep.
Reclines seat and falls peacefully to sleep

Wake up to the sound of plates and smell of fresh croissants—wait there’s breakfast, too?!
Fresh croissants, toast, jam, orange juice, and coffee was served. The breakfast was a great way to ease myself awake before we landed.

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