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Every Country’s Second Language Mapped

by Sophie-Claire Hoeller

Thinking of Moving Abroad? To another Country?

The following fascinating maps reveal each country’s surprising second language. While you probably speak some Spanish — the most common second language for most Americans — you may be hoping that your next residence is in a place where most people speak English.

While English is in fact the most popular second language (44 countries primarily learn English as a second language), the following maps, created by MoveHub, a company that helps people relocate abroad, show just how diverse the world still is.

These maps demonstrate the vestiges of influence from colonization and imperialism, and how these shaped cultural identities. For example, the US’ second language is Spanish, while Canada’s is French, the UK’s is Polish, Australia’s is Mandarin and Saudi Arabia’s is Tagalog.

Keep scrolling to see what is spoken where.

second languages map 1350px

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