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Faberge, The Tsar and the Danish Royal Family

by Shawn L Fitzpatrick

What do you give a person who has everything? Or perhaps more specifically, what do you give a princess, prince, or queen? Museet på Koldinghus (Koldinghus Museum) in Jutland, Denmark, offers at least one answer with their extensive exhibition: “Fabergé – The Tsar’s jeweler and the connections to the Danish Royal Family”. It is a collection of about a hundred objects created by Fabergé, court jeweler to the Russian Tsar, that were either given as gifts to Danish royalty or inherited via family ties.


Founded as a royal palace in 1268, the Koldinghus Museum couldn’t be a more perfect setting for the showcase of 19th- and 20th-century items, many of which are still in use by members of the Danish Royal Family and have never been seen by the public.


The selection ranges from utilitarian objects – including an egg-shaped cigarette lighter (modeled after Fabergé’s famous Easter eggs) crafted from bowenite, a sea-green semi-precious gemstone, that sits atop delicate, golden deer hooves – and other works of art, to private personal gifts, such as an enamel picture frame decorated with gold, diamonds and ebony.

“Fabergé—The Tsar’s jeweler and the connections to the Danish royal family”, was on view until 25 September 2016. Koldinghus 1; 00-45/7633-8100;

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