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London’s Kensington Palace Makeover

by Loyola Ignatius

Kensington Palace is getting a makeover, but it won’t mean much for Prince William and Princess Catherine. Upcoming renovations to Kensington Palace will not affect Apartment 1A, where William, Kate and their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte live and will be spending more time in come this fall. Instead, the part of the palace that is open to tourists is the one that’s getting the upgrade, a representative for the Historic Royal Palaces said.

“Independent charity Historic Royal Palaces cares for the State Apartments at Kensington Palace which attract 400,000 visitors every year,” says the representative. “We hope to create a new building behind the Orangery restaurant at Kensington Palace.”

William and Kate share their London abode with a few others royal family members — Prince Harry and the Queen’s cousins Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, also live within Kensington Palace. And a section of the palace serves as a museum for locals and tourists to visit and learn a bit more about the space and the historical figures who lived there. Just a few yards away is the Orangery, a full-service restaurant housed in the palace’s former greenhouse. (It’s also a wedding venue — Nicky Hilton got married there to James Rothschild in 2015.)

The new space will provide more room for offices for those who work at Kensington Palace in the form of a two-story underground basement that spans the length from the Orangery to the main palace. Extended kitchens for the Orangery will also be built as a part of the expansion. As well, it will house a display of royal dresses.

“The new building will provide improved access to the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection, new kitchens and facilities for the Orangery restaurant. It will also include essential office and work space enabling us to continue to welcome visitors, students and researchers from around the world.”

“The State Apartments at Kensington Palace are managed separately from areas of the palace used by the Royal Household,” the representative added. “Members of the Royal Family have no involvement in this project. The project would be funded by private donations and the charity’s own reserves. No public funding would be involved.”

William and Kate’s apartment in Kensington Palace previously underwent a $6.5 million renovation. The family will take full advantage of the space later this year, when they relocate to London full-time after living in Amner Hall in Norfolk for the past few years.

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