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Singapore Airlines will honour 900 business class tickets accidentally sold at economy prices due to computer glitch.

Around 900 customers purchased seats before agents noticed the error. After saying passengers had to cough up difference, the airline backed down. Investigations are continuing to discover what caused the malfunction.

Singapore Airlines has confirmed that it will honour the 900 business class tickets snapped up by Australians for economy rate prices due to a computer glitch last week.

The tickets were sold by online and shop travel agents for £1,900 (AUS$3,500) instead of £4,500 (AUS$8,500), and neither side were prepared to take the blame for the malfunction.

Singapore Airlines’ response was to tell the agents that it was their job to inform customers that they would have to cough up the difference, around £2,600 or take a refund and re-book.

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