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Guide to the Best Venetian Glassware

by Stellene Volandes

Buying Murano Glass: A shopping guide to Modern Masters and Antique finds


Marie Brandolini
Brandolini’s elegance does not prepare one for the riotous color in her Laguna B line. Her signature series is the Goti, wildly patterned tumblers based on goti de fornasa, crafted from leftover shards in glassmakers’ studios and used during beer breaks. Brandolini’s, marked with stars and flowers, are more meticulously composed. From $65. At 3276 Dorsoduro, Campiello degli Squelini;

Massimo Micheluzzi
This gallery-like shop makes an excellent showcase for Micheluzzi’s bold, sculptural designs, often done in monochrome. From $700. At 1071 Dorsoduro, Ponte delle Maravegie; 39-041/528-2190.

L’Angolo del Passato
Murano-born Giordana Naccari features vintage pieces and works by other contemporary designers, but it’s her brother’s handblown tumblers that are not to be missed. From $50. At 3276 Dorsoduro, Campiello degli Squelini; 39-041/528-7896.       @wbbrjp

From a long line of glassmakers, Marina and Susanna Sent take their family tradition and twist it into necklaces of black glass beads and delicate, crystal-colored orbs. From $35. At 20 Fondamenta Serenella, Murano;

VINTAGE Glassware

This discreet gallery specializes in antique Murano glass, focusing on pieces from 1880–1980. From $400. At 2766 San Marco, Calle Spezier;

Alessandro Zoppi
There’s a storefront displaying a vast collection of vintage glass—full sets of vintage tumblers, Champagne flutes—assembled by noted dealer Zoppi, but the real pleasure is seeing it in its glorious entirety in his home. By appointment only. From $1,300. At 2070 San Marco, Calle Larga XXII Marzo; 39-041/522-7789;

Galleria Marina Barovier
Though not limited to vintage glass (modern designers like Laura and Alessandro de Santillana are here, too), this gallery is run by specialists Marina and Marino Barovier (he of the Barovier glassmaking dynasty) and showcases works by masters like Venini, Archimede Seguso and Barovier & Toso. $ By appointment only. From $3,800. At 3216 Salizada San Samuele;

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