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Singapore Air Premium Coach Class

by John Webber

Vacation at 30,000 feet: Singapore Airlines’ New Premium Coach Class

The perfect trip can begin even before you set foot on fresh soil. With Singapore Airlines’ affordable new Premium Economy class, extra privileges, extra comfort and extra choices transform the flight from unavoidable hurdle to pure pleasure – all for prices your wallet will love.

From the airport…

Step confidently into the departure terminal knowing that irksome queues are a thing of the past. As a Premium Economy passenger, enjoy priority check-in – a taster of the many exclusive privileges to come. Your baggage will also receive priority attention, ensuring you get to where you’re going with everything you need. Can’t wait? Don’t wait.

… to take-off…

Priority boarding ushers you onto the next leg of your journey, and into the spacious 2-4-2 cabin. Enjoy more room to manoeuvre with the pièce de résistance of this adventure: Premium Economy’s customised seats. Plush and super spacious, these flight-friendly recliners deliver extra comfort, with leg room to spare. With champagne available throughout the flight and bottled water within reach, you can literally kick back onto your built-in calf and foot rest and make yourself at home as the pilots reach for the skies.

… the comforts of home…

With in-flight Wi-Fi and your charging station at your fingertips, there’s no need to stop chatting, tweeting and poking. Need a break from your friends? Get comfy and catch up on the latest blockbusters or hit series with a full suite of entertainment options, delivered through your very own extra-large Full HD display. With your personal reading lamp at your shoulder, you can work, socialise or play like you never left the ground.


… meet heightened luxury…

Just as on any unforgettable adventure, quality cuisine awaits you on this journey of discovery. Pre-order from the Premium Economy Book the Cook menu, or take your pick from the in-flight delights, complemented with freshly baked bread and, of course, your beverage of choice. These are meals worth flying for.

… beyond all expectations.

Singapore Airlines’ award-winning hospitality among the clouds is a journey worth discovering. The inaugural Premium Economy flight took off on August 2015 to Sydney, with flights to Hong Kong and London added a few weeks after, and progressively to the rest of the world later. Treat yourself to a great new way to fly with Singapore Airlines’ new Premium Economy Class.      @wbbrjp

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