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The Busiest Airports in the World

by John Webber

The airport always seems like a busy place – especially if you are rushing to catch a flight. But there are some that constantly house packed terminals, overflowing security lines and restaurants with not enough tables to match the number of hungry travelers.

The Airport Council International shared data surrounding the traffic through airports around the world in 2016 (the latest year with data) – and with it a list of the busiest passenger airports on the planet. The Number One spot came as no surprise – as it has held the title for 19 years in a row now – but there were a few on the Top Ten list that made jumps in their ranking.

Take note that only three of the Ten Busiest Airports in The World can be found in the United States – and even though we may feel like day or night they are jam packed full of people; New York City’s John F. Kennedy or LaGuardia Airports did not make the list.

1. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – 104 million passengers in 2016

2. Beijing Capital International Airport – 94 million passengers in 2016

3. Dubai International Airport – 83 million passengers in 2016

4. Los Angeles International Airport – 81 million passengers in 2016

5. Haneda International Airport – 79 million passengers in 2016

6. Chicago O’Hare International Airport – 78 million passengers in 2016

7. London Heathrow Airport – 25 million passengers in 2016

8. Hong Kong International Airport – 70 million passengers in 2016

9. Shanghai Pudong International Airport – 66 million passengers in 2016

10. Paris-Charles De Gaulle Airport – 65 million passengers in 2016

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