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The Legroom in Inches among U.S. based Airlines

by John Webber

Legroom varies when flying in Economy Coach Class among all major airlines. JetBlue Airways has the most legroom, with 34 inches of space. While Spirit Air has the least with only 28 inches.

You can essentially forget bringing on a free carry on, you know food will cost an arm and a leg (if there is any at all) and it’s a safe bet that you could have a screaming child within five rows of your seat. And pity the passenger in front of the kicking (your seatback) child.

Most of the time, anything to do with plane travel seems out of your control, which is what makes flying such a stressful experience. However, one thing you can control, sort of, is how much legroom you get – depending on which airline you choose to book with.

The infographic below, uploaded onto Reddit by userAvadaKedavra03, outlines major airlines’ amount of legroom in inches.

JetBlue, which promises “the most legroom in coach,” actually lives up to that promise with 34 inches of legroom. Spirit on the other hand, which often finds itself last in domestic airline rankings, only has 28 inches.

TAKE NOTE: American Air will be reducing their amount of legroom from 31 to 29 inches on all their Boeing 737-Max Jetliners soon. This is so that they can add in more seats into their planes from the current 160 seats to 172 seats in the Boeing 737-Max. Aside from extra seats with less legroom, American Air will also drastically reduce the size of all onboard bathrooms. This higher configuration of seats will mostly be flown within North America and will be fully implemented by 2019. It is most likely that Delta and United Airlines will follow soon too.

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